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@ragamuffinjim fantastic! I've got it on all my devices. Next step: put your KeePass database on all of them for secure password management on all your devices

@ragamuffinjim p2p synced folders with easy set up. I keep my password database on it as well as a bunch of personal files and projects. They sync across a tonne of devices including my phone. That means that as long as my phone is on, there's always at least 1 up to date device to sync from.

@ragamuffinjim have you seen syncthing? I use it instead of dropbox. It has an ignore file which is useful.

@SarcasmKid half a cup per person, and twice the amount of water. Since cup is a funny measurement I do half a mug of rice for 2 people, works every time.

@SarcasmKid I understood this meme and this makes me happy

@bird no errors on my side, just quit for the night since I was getting a bit tired of it. My IGN is Azertify though. Not sure how often I'll play

@bird I'm on Europe too, I'm from the UK so that seemed sensible

@bird yes please, going to have the first chance to play after work tomorrow

@pea for me, I use Syncthing to keep my keepass database and SSH keys around. I've even started moving around a 2FA txt file I can open in winauth. I know that technically reduces my security, but I can now lose any single device without worrying - as long as my keepass database is secure

@pea check out uncle Dave's Emacs config. I use it as a base and strip out everything that I disagree with. I just put it back on my work PC so I've not made many customizations yet but I do love Emacs.

@pea that's understandable, was only a suggestion if you weren't familiar with it :)

@pea Tried

@lottie I ended up using AHK for my binds in windows.

@SarcasmKid pls trim my mithril chainbody

@flussence @codl to be fair, that's what you get for that price. I'd backup locally or with tarsnap

@flussence @codl they're great. Its just old OVH servers which are no longer used on the main site. I hosted some ridiculous stuff with them before (20TB bandwidth+) for basically nothing.

@badwrongfun nice idea, reminds me somewhat of Pony Island - which is a must-play

@kurisu try not living in / near major cities.